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"80% of disease is stress related" Harvard Medical

Relief from stress begins in the thought life and resurrecting the inner knowing of the soul: You are Safe and Capable of Handling Any Situation that Unfolds Before You.

Each Stress Solutions for the Soul Segment is focused on helping the listener remember what their soul already knows. Through short prayers, reflections and insights the listener is guided back into simple truths and mindset responses to life that they once knew yet forgot along life's journey as they farmed out their sense of worth, capability and value to the opinions of the world around them.

Stress Solutions for the Soul offers an inner resurrection experience back into your God given natural state of being filled with:

                            - Love                                              - Definitiveness of Purpose                                - Inner Peace
                            - Confidence                                    -Motivation                                                        - Solution Based Thinking

The short reflections and teachings flow from Lauren E Miller's personal prayers and meditations before God. Having conquered two of life's top stressors at the same: advanced cancer and divorce, Lauren is dedicated to equipping people with tools and techniques that lead to profound inner peace, value and confidence as she personally understands the direct link between anxiety/stress and disease.

How it Works

We can all benefit from an inspiring meditation, especially when it engages your biology. By using Levity to deliver the message now your body can also benefit to a level that perhaps you have never experienced before. I am very excited to share how this works with you.

The use of light and sound frequencies is the secret.  Our bodies naturally synchronize with the frequency we are exposed to. Imagine the high-energy frequency at Times Square in New York on New Years. Now imagine sitting down next to the ocean on a beautiful sandy beach and with a sigh say to yourself how relaxed you feel and wonder why you don’t do this more often. Your body synchronized with the lower frequency of the ocean waves.

Using light frequency Levity gently guides you into the relaxed meditative state of Theta. Your body naturally synchronizes with the lower frequency, relaxes and releases excess adrenaline and cortisol, the stress hormones. Additionally serotonin and endorphins are increased by about 25% and our blood pressure is also naturally reduced. Because adrenaline is reduced we also naturally feel energized.;

So if you want to:

  1. Reduce the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol
  2. Increase your serotonin and endorphin levels
  3. Lower your blood pressure
  4. Sleep more easily and more soundly
  5. Increase your energy
  6. Improve your focus and clarity

All naturally then Levity is the tool you need. I personally use Levity twice a day and cannot put into words all the benefits it has provided me, my ability to retain information, clarity of focus, energy and overall feelings of levity have noticeably increased as a result of using this product.

Try it risk free for 30 days and if you don’t agree return it for a full refund.
You have my personal guarantee on this.

3 Easy payments of $139
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Included Hardware

  • Master KEY
  • Earbuds
  • Specialized Glasses
  • Charger Set with USB Cord


Four Special Bonus "Boost My Day" Sessions:
  • Welcome Introduction Session
  • Morning Focus! Helps you get jump started
  • Evening Sleep- Prepares you for a restful Sleep
  • Midnight-Go Back To Sleep- Put those sleep-
    interrupting thoughts away

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        Stress Solutions for the Soul
Stress Solutions for the Soul: Introduction Part 1
Stress Solutions for the Soul: Part 2

Stress Solutions for the Soul: Part 3
Stress Solutions for the Soul: Part 4
Stress Solutions for the Soul: Conclusion Part 5
Resurrect Confidence and Joy
Resurrect Your Positive Attitude
A Mindful Meditation for High Character Living
A Powerful Personal Success Technique
Les Brown's Inner Journey
Lisa Nichols' Design Your Destiny
Marianne Williamson's Courage and Faith
Bob Proctor's Affirming Self
Deepak Chopra's Stillness
Brother David's Happiness
Psalm Readings
Unspeakable Grace Medley 3 (Instrumental track)
Unspeakable Grace Medley 4 (Instrumental track)

“The Master KEY has changed my life.  I have more confidence. I carry myself better.  I have learned that I am loved. I reach for my glasses two to three times a day! When I wake up in the morning its the first thing I reach for.  When Igo to bed at night I reach for my glasses and when I need a pick me upper for energy I reach for them! I love how the music and the binural beats make me feel like I've gone to a spa for an expensive treatment!  The selection in the library is like choosing gold! The customer service is exemplary at NewReality and I wouldn't trade my glasses for anything."                                    - Carolyn Usick


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