Five Amazing Meditation Benefits

Life a bit overwhelming? Meditating one to two times per day can help you stop the world and send your woes packing. Don't think you have the time? Think again!*

#5 It does your Body good.
Forget milk. Meditation does the body the most good. Research shows that it can lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart disease, and strengthen the immune system. It's like taking the best tranquilizer, most effective sleep aid, popular blood pressure medicine, and effective energy booster all rolled into one beneficial holistic elixir.

#4 It Sharpens your Mind.
Meditation can improve your concentration, attention to detail, and focus allowing you to juggle it all without dropping the ball.

#3 Meditate and Be Happy!
Welcome to your Happy Place. Regular meditation can increase serotonin production which improves your mood and helps with anxiety and depression. It's your body's natural happy drug and for this "pill" it's ok to say yes.

#2 Zen=ZZZs
A moment of Zen equals more ZZZs. Are you tossing and turning every night and waking up cranky and not wanting to get out of bed? Experts say 20 minutes of meditation a day can give you a longer and more restful sleep, even for serious insomniacs. So a little Zen can get you a lot more Zs.

And the number one benefit of daily meditation.

#1 Stress Less, Feel Your Best!
Repeated and continuing stress hurts both your figurative and literal heart. So break the cycle. Medical experts report that if you're going to pick one thing to do to reduce stress, meditation is the best. And there a multitude of ways to meditate; some are as simple as focused breathing, which means that if you're breathing now you're already halfway there.

Find a meditation practice that works for you, and oh, my, will you feel better, inside and out.


IMG_3810.JPG        Master KEY (2).jpg         

                              *Use the Master Key to Make Meditation Easy

The Master Key is similar in size and ease of operation to an iPod® Nano but with additional features such as custom eyewear and uniquely formatted audio programs created by experts in their fields.  Simply select the audio works from your favorite expert, put on your headset, and now the OptoPath™ eyewear, lay back, close your eyes, and be prepared for an amazing experience of learning and transformation. All of this is possible because of the exclusively produced audio programs and the OptoPath eyewear that allow the mind and body to relax and learn. And twenty minutes with the Master Key is virtually the same as two hours of sleep.

The Master Key employs Guided Imagery, a powerful technique used by top business people and athletes to excel in their chosen activity. It's how they create the strong perception that they are winners, and perception is reality.  This powerful technique helps you train your mental attitude towards confidence, motivation, and ultimately success. Negative thoughts and roadblocks are banished, and your good ideas that have been restrained are activated and empowered, and you instantly start to make the changes necessary for the healthy, rewarding life you desire. 

Try The Master KEY risk free for 30 days.
If you don’t agree return it for a full refund.

You have my personal guarantee on this.

3 Easy payments of $132.33 CAD

Or a one time payment of $397 CAD.

     Master KEY (2).jpg

    Included Hardware

  •   Canadian Yoga Alliance Master KEY 
  •   Earbuds
  •   Specialized Glasses
  •   Charging Unit
  •   USB Program Transfer Cord

     Four Special Bonus "Boost My Day" Sessions:

  • Welcome Introduction Session
  • Morning Focus! Helps you get jump started
  • Evening Sleep- Prepares you for a restful Sleep
  • Midnight-Go Back To Sleep- Put those sleep-
    interrupting thoughts away


                 Eight Stress Reduction Recordings:
   Les Brown's Inner Journey
   Deepak Chopra's Stillness
   Lisa Nichols' Design Your Destiny
   Bob Proctor's Affirming Self
   Dr. Brenda Wade's You are Love
   Dr. Emmett Miller's Mental Relaxation
   Michael Beckwith's Visioning: The Here & Now
   Marianne Williamson's Courage & Faith
  “The KEY  has changed my life. I have more confidence. I carry myself better. I have learned that I am loved.
   I reach for my glasses two to three times a day! When I wake up in the morning its the first thing I reach for.  When I
   go to bed at night I reach for my glasses and when I need a pick me upper for energy I reach for them! I love how the
  music and the binural beats make me feel like I've gone to a spa for an expensive treatment!  The selection in the
  library is like choosing gold! The customer service is exemplary at Keystone and I wouldn't trade my glasses
  for anything."                                    - Carolyn Usick
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