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                As you learned from my book Adrenaline Nation stress is the most pervasive malady of our time.  With
                80% to 90% of all illness being attributed to stress it is time to find a way to protect ourselves and
                ultimately our health.Technology, the very source of our increased stress is now the solution. I feel so
                strongly about reducing the stress in you life I want you to experience the most affective drug free
                solution available,
the Master Key from NewReality.  This leading edge technology is awesome.
                Simple put on the head set and specialized glasses, lay back, close your eyes and be prepared for
                the most amazing relaxing experience ever. In about 20 minutes you can naturally reduce your stress,
                increase your serotonin levels and even lower your blood pressure.

                                 Try the Master Key risk free for 30 days.

                              To help make this easy for you I have arranged for a special discounted price.

                    So for less than One $ Dollar a day you can reduce your stress, sleep more soundly,
                                                         feel more energized, and protect your health.


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        Included Hardware 

  • Master KEY
  • Earbuds
  • Specialized Glasses
  • Charger Set with USB Cord


     Four Special Bonus "Boost My Day" Sessions:
  • Welcome Introduction Session
  • Morning Focus! Helps you get jump started
  • Evening Sleep- Prepares you for a restful Sleep
  • Midnight-Go Back To Sleep- Put those sleep-
    interrupting thoughts away

Peter M. McCarthy's KEY to Less Stress $247.00  

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                              Less Stress Series

       Michael Grady                                              Les Brown
            The Mental Massage                                    Inner Journey
             Stress Free Future

        Dr.Deepak Chopra                                      Dr. Brenda Wade
             Stillness                                                       You are Love 
        Lisa Nichols                                                  Bob Proctor
             Design Your Destiny                                     Affirming Self

        Jeff Howard                                                 Belanie Dishong
             The Zone of Deep Relaxation                        Releasing Stress

        Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby
              Tour of the Universe

I cannot stress enough how much I have come to feel that the technology and
programs offered by NewReality are exactly what most people need today. The
combination of education and functional use of music and brain state science
is the advantage people will need as they work to manage their busy lives, break
habits, and make great changes in health and peace of mind. The momentum of
the outside word is not be underestimated and NewReality offers an antidote and
an advantage that would help virtually anyone."

                                                 -Dr. Jonathan Ellerby, PhD.,
                                                  Canyon Ranch Resort& Health Spa, Tucson, Arizona

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